Sunday, February 10, 2008

my favorite freelance job so far...

The annual Girl Scouts "Favorite Guy" dance.

Check it out here

So cute it'll make you go "awww....."

oh, and my new, more "professional" website is now live :)

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

super bowls, birthdays and lots of traveling

so it's been a crazy past few weeks, though they have also been tons of fun :)

we had a superbowl party at our house, where my "birthday" cake looked suspiciously like a football...
and though the girls had a great time playing guitar hero in the game room, our house was one of the many that experienced crazy outages in the coverage from the local fox station.

as promised, some pictures up from the concert that i went to with mom back in fayetteville a couple of weeks ago.

we celebrated my birthday here in greenville on saturday night with a nice dinner out and some quality time together at home. we've continued home improvements by buying and putting up new curtains in the living room and bedroom, and i spent an evening last night painting our living room furniture a nice, simple black that looks awesome and MUCH better than the fake yellow wood grain that it was before.

monday night, we headed back to fayetteville for a birthday celebration with my dad. we met him after work for dinner and then headed out to see "the producers" with the touring broadway show. it was hilarious--such a great performance--and worth the drive back to work in the morning :)

to finish this up, i've posted some of my personal photos. i've had a couple of slide shows up at now, with two more shoots lined up for this weekend. but i'm trying to remember to take some fun photos, too.

and.... go UNC! beat duke!