Tuesday, April 26, 2011


so yes, i've been missing in action lately. i'm honestly not sure how mommy bloggers (who also work full-time) do it. granted, i have the situation where my child doesn't nap for very long in the morning, and when i get home from work in the late afternoon or evening, it's usually bedtime and then begins the "second shift" of chores, errands or finishing up a few last notes for work. i have kept up with many of my favorite blogs, so please don't feel like i'm neglecting you. one of my favorite ways to unwind right now is to sit down and read stories from my dear internet friends.

and then there's the other reason i haven't blogged. i've sorta had writer's block on how to return to blogging and writing and expressing my thoughts when it's been easier to keep them all tucked up in my head and "intellectualized" like i do with my therapy clients.

because my dad died two and a half weeks ago.

and it still hurts and though i'm so grateful for my son and how he has pushed us onward--because his world keeps moving and drags us with it--i know it's also kept me from stopping to wallow and grieve and reshape my world without my father in it.

i hope to post more often in the coming weeks. now that the band-aid's been ripped off, it's time to do some writing and let some healing happen.

plus, we have a child that is clearly too adorable to keep to ourselves and must be shared with the world.
(getting his feet sandy at cedar island while we were downeast for the memorial service--his grandfather would have been so proud)