Monday, November 27, 2006

quick one

alright, don't have much time to talk right now, so here's what i see as being important at this moment--

love is in the air. here's to the future mr. and mrs. alan and rachel and mr. and mrs. baxter and maggie :) lots of diamonds coming out, people... must be the holiday spirit. not to mention two weddings in the next month, helping plan a couple more, and my own. it's kinda cool joining the married world with the rest of my friends.

i'm about wii-ed out. it's been played non-stop around me for the past week, but man--it is cool. here's to entertaining family and friends across the state with justin's newest toy.

one step forward, two steps back. here's to guest lists, rehearsal dinners, ugly invitations, florist losing information, and save the date cards. all in my brain right now... so ready to get some of this stuff officially checked off.

and here's to the holiday season. i've got the tree up, tickets to see snyder's singing christmas tree on saturday, presents bought, a few christmas parties to attend, and i'm loving every minute of it.

that's all for now-- later, y'all :)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

turkey day

so it's been a while...

but it's been busy and i'm soooo glad it's finally thanksgiving break. lots of meetings, lots of events and just a general build-up to these next few days of relaxation and family time.

spirit week turned out so well and we had a fabulous time with our final "pie in the face" contest. we ended up having not one, but three participants, and the kids loved it.

a picture of the "pieing"...

i've also gotten back into doing some kid photo shoots--lots of parents wanting them for christmas cards, etc. i had one this past saturday that turned out so well, and it's ended up getting me a lot of "word of mouth" advertising. i am definitely enjoying getting this experience and taking some pretty awesome photographs.

so i have today off, and tomorrow justin and i are heading to fayetteville for thanksgiving at my grandma's (along with invitation choosing and honeymoon booking--we're determined to be productive!) saturday will be thanksgiving at his mom's house, and sunday will be thanksgiving with my dad's side of the family. we'll be doing WV family right before christmas. i'll also try to be extra productive today with some possible christmas shopping

and i guess that means i'd better start getting ready... happy thanksgiving! later, y'all

Monday, November 06, 2006

back in the swing of things...

so it's spirit week at school, which means i'm figuring out the appropriate way to celebrate themes like pajama day and celebrity day as a faculty member. i always loved homecoming week in high school, so it's kinda cool to be so involved this year with our similarly planned spirit week.

and in true nostalgic fashion, i was able to go back to dear ol' FTS this past friday night to watch them compete for (wait for it, wait for it...) the conference championship. those of you who came through during the late 90's, early 00's with me will be gasping in disbelief much like i did when i found out what was at stake. i mean, c'mon, this was the football team that led us on an 0 and 11 season my freshman year (and made the cheerleaders yell at us because we didn't show appropriate signs of respect for our losing football team on the way back from one of the games--hello? if you want respect, win some games. 'nuff said). anyways, it was senior night, way dejavu to be back, and so cold. i mean, soooooooo cold.

so we were freezing our tales off and got to see chris emano who was also in town, a glimpse of wood stewart, and a conference title for my alma mater. it may have been won in overtime, and they might have allowed pine forest to score with 40-some seconds left in the game and tie it up with a 2 point conversion--but the bulldogs are conference champions for the first time in 20 years and i was there to see it :)

a few pictures to commerate the occasion:

the student celebration on the field after the 24-21 victory in overtime (you can just see the scoreboard in the corner)

the new field house at the baseball field end of the stadium. i was quite surprised to see this addition!
and us after three-plus hours in the cold. you can tell the temperature by the shade of pink on my nose...

i also took some pictures of the band trailer and names on the back...but by that time, justin was freezing and it was time for me to stop taking pictures.

we also got to see a ton of family at my great-aunt betty's 80th birthday party. it was a potluck (yum!) out in the middle of the woods near hope mills (brr!) but still a great time. we headed back to greenville afterwards and joined justin's side of the family for dinner yesterday afternoon. lots of plans being made for the holidays and wedding stuff. if you want to get on our calendar, let us know now! (it's filling up fast).

that's all i can think of for right now. later, y'all...