Thursday, July 21, 2011

an update on all fronts

in the past month since i posted, a lot has happened. here's what you've missed :)

1) we had a terribly laid-back fourth of july. for the first time in years, we didn't go see fireworks and instead i watched the firework specials on tv while justin went to see a movie with a friend.

this guy--

was actually kinda fussy. but cutting two teeth in the past few weeks will do that to ya.

2) i accepted a new job and will be starting august 1st. (these pictures have nothing to do with this information, but i figured it would be fun to scatter them through out anyway. enjoy!)
i will be counseling students at the local university and doing some networking/marketing/presentation work. both aspects of the job excite me, and it still doesn't feel quite real that it's happening. i was on campus the other day to drop off my contract and walked for a little bit, remembering what it was like to be there as a student and imagining what it will be like to be there as a staff member.
this has been tough to say goodbye to my coworkers and clients, some of which i've worked with for a couple of years. but i've mainly heard congratulations and genuine excitement for me and this opportunity.
(oink oink!)

3) davis has had several milestones, as he is secure with his crawling and is much more interested in walking, pulling up on things and cruising around the house.
he has also repeated "bye bye" a couple of times when prompted. he has times of the day where he's very talkative and will jabber on, especially in the morning or just after his nap.
justin's grandmother came down from west virginia a few weeks ago and got to spend the week with him. he is such a charmer! (with both of his grandmas and two of his great-grandmas here)

we are still going back and forth with sleeping, which we know is our fault. our recent vacation really threw us all off. and teething then throws a wrench and it feels like we start all over again every few weeks. but i dream of davis sleeping through the night and having complete uninterrupted sleep.

when he's twelve.
4) we've gotten several nights out recently, which is always enjoyable. we attended our first big wedding since davis has been born for my friend jennifer and her (now) husband corey.
it felt odd to be at a wedding and not be the photographer... but we enjoyed it, especially with a great reception and lots of dancing and food.
and they had one of the best exits ever--sparklers with a motorcycle, complete with veil flying out behind!
5) another big change that i want to keep up with here (mainly for encouragement and accountability) is my effort at eating healthier and losing the last big of baby weight. (again, photos are just for your enjoyment)
as i've gotten prepared for the new job, it's required a more professional wardrobe than my current position. so that's meant shopping and figuring out where i am, what i fit into, etc. and a good deal of motivation with making these changes is that i have a closet full of clothes that would be quite appropriate for this job... that i can't wear right now. so my hope is that by the fall, i will have lost enough weight to wear some of the dress pants and shirts. i'm doing weight watchers online and have been happy with it so far. any advice, encouragement, tips or recipes are greatly appreciated :)
6) and--oh yeah, we went to the beach for a week!

more on that later...

patience pays off

if you're a loyal blog reader
you have learned
that if you wait long enough
i will write and post adorable pictures of my boy
they may be a month old
but who's counting?

(more to come)