Thursday, March 29, 2007

where's the time going?

it's been another hectic week with wedding deadlines, busy times at work and an ever-productive social calendar. i'll be looking forward to the honeymoon just to have a week of doing nothing...

so--here are the highlights:

the lovely weather and a trip to little washington on friday night. i finally got to try out "backwater jack's" and their amazing sweet potato fries. SO GOOD. also enjoyed the sunset and a lovely walk along the waterfront. pictures at flickr, of course.

another great photo shoot with my girl michelle. also on flickr :)

final marriage counseling session and getting together the wording for the program--coming together, finally.

hail storm last night, leaving some lovely dents in my car hood. nice...

oakwoodettes final party today after a rousing performance at auction--also fun times.

and last but not least, packing for virginia beach and a wonderful weekend with my bridesmaids. i'm very excited about seeing my girls!

that's all for now... later, y'all.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

one month

that's all i'm saying. one month from today...

Monday, March 19, 2007

i'm digging the cough syrup with codeine...

so i've been sick for the past few days, and i'm just now getting my normal voice back. lots of coughing and hacking and a fever will do that to you, but i'm starting to feel much better. the cough syrup helps with that :)

so it's been a crazy couple of weeks, with lots of stuff going on at school. changes in staff, auction, my health classes, practicing for oakwoodettes--all taking up tons of time. again, we should be finally slowing back into a normal schedule around there. the auction was fabulous, with a wonderful performance from all of my fellow oakwoodettes and a great time with my friends.

wedding stuff is moving along as well... marriage counseling, bridal portraits, favors, napkin designs and all the rest of those little details no one really tells you about at first. it's hard to believe that it's only a month from wednesday. whoa...

and i leave you with pictures from st. luke UMC in sanford, where we're meeting carl for our marriage counseling. i loved the stained glass in the sanctuary and decided to take some pictures while i was hanging around. more on flickr, of course.

later, y'all...

Saturday, March 10, 2007

quick notes:

-bridal showers? check

-pictures from those showers on flickr? check

-thank you notes for all of those tons of gifts? check

-turmoil at school? check (but hopefully being resolved)

-updated house pictures also on flickr? check

-paint on the walls, vinyl/carpet, lighting fixtures and appliances chosen? check

-wrong countertops put in? check (unfortunately, but also hopefully being resolved)

-bridal portraits taken? as of monday--check

-carolina in the acc tournament final? check (and i'll be watching tomorrow until we leave for marriage counseling)

-ready for my life to no longer be a bunch of list? check...