Thursday, March 29, 2007

where's the time going?

it's been another hectic week with wedding deadlines, busy times at work and an ever-productive social calendar. i'll be looking forward to the honeymoon just to have a week of doing nothing...

so--here are the highlights:

the lovely weather and a trip to little washington on friday night. i finally got to try out "backwater jack's" and their amazing sweet potato fries. SO GOOD. also enjoyed the sunset and a lovely walk along the waterfront. pictures at flickr, of course.

another great photo shoot with my girl michelle. also on flickr :)

final marriage counseling session and getting together the wording for the program--coming together, finally.

hail storm last night, leaving some lovely dents in my car hood. nice...

oakwoodettes final party today after a rousing performance at auction--also fun times.

and last but not least, packing for virginia beach and a wonderful weekend with my bridesmaids. i'm very excited about seeing my girls!

that's all for now... later, y'all.

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