Tuesday, October 31, 2006

and october's over...

where'd it go?

so happy halloween to everyone and i hope you're all having a safe and spooky evening. i apologize for the lack of posting, but it's been one crazy latter of half of this month and i'm just now getting to the point where i'm catching up.

we had a weekend full of wedding stuff (where i did get a dress, a florist, and eventually a photographer), homecoming weekend complete with parade and winning football game (check out the pictures on flickr!) and a halloween themed weekend with a school dance, a family wedding and trunk-or-treat at church. should have pictures up from that soon...

and in between, it's been busy at work and busy with my friends and family. so much going on... and just keep my family and my school in your prayers. just taking things day by day.

i'm ready to see what november brings and looking forward to some more beautiful fall weather. lots of fun stuff coming, and i'll be sure to keep you posted :) later, y'all...

Sunday, October 15, 2006

100th post!

so i'm back from cheerio, without too many bruises from the caves or blisters from canoeing. and we had an amazing time! i added a few pictures below--and have some addtional ones up on flickr. check 'em out if you get the chance.

and now i'm in fayetteville, doing wedding stuff and being extremely productive. after a couple of days of searching, i have a dress. like literally, it's hanging in my room right now. i have information on how to order bridesmaid dresses. and by tomorrow, i'll have a catering menu, a florist and possibly some rental stuff or a photographer. we'll see what happens.

so enjoy the pictures and i'll be relaxing and checking stuff off my knot.com list. later, y'all :)

Monday, October 09, 2006

cheerio, here we come...

in less than 24 hours, i will be heading to the mountains for four days with 56 kids and four other chaperones. whoa.
when we get back, i'll have less than 24 hours to unpack and then repack for a long weekend in fayetteville where we have wedding stuff scheduled almost non-stop. i must find a dress. not that i'm particularly worried about it, but i really must find a dress.

it's one of those crazy times where i'm convinced that once i get through it, life will be ten times better and hundred times less stressful. but it's the anticipation and actually getting through it that's the tough part.

don't get me wrong, i'm thrilled about going to camp cheerio again and i cannot wait to spend time with these kids and my faculty friends and being in the mountains again, doing all that campy stuff. but it just seems different this time. it's going to be tough being away from justin, i feel like i'm missing time to work on wedding stuff, and i am slightly concerned about bringing both the 7th and 8th grade--two totally different groups.

but i remind myself--a week from now, i'll have a dress. i'll have a menu. i'll have a florist. i might have some tents and tables reserved. cheerio will be a fun story to tell at lunch, and i will be able to breathe again :) yay.

the fall festival this past friday was wonderful--had to be held inside, but i had the best time painting faces and taking pictures (i won't put them up on my flickr site, but if they get put up on the school's website, i'll link to it). we passed on the football game (ecu won), but enjoyed running errands and watching movies on saturday. sunday was spent cleaning, cooking, packing and painting, and for whatever reason (i really don't remember now) i volunteered to host young adults tonight. crazy, yes, but i'll live and we'll all have a good time enjoying our "breakfast for dinner" (one of my favorites to cook). i love hosting and i cannot wait until we have a nice big house so i can do it all the time.

prayer requests--for my dad, who is getting his last major medical procedure done and having a pacemaker put in today. and for my dear friend ashley and her mom, who need lots of support and prayers right now. and for my friends that are lonely and need to know that people care about them.

alright, that's it for now. enjoy the fall weather and i'll be back on the flipside.

Monday, October 02, 2006

finally fall...

well, almost. there are a few more 80 degree days left. but there have been some gorgeous days :)

so it's been a busy week--student council elections, supervision, and fun times with the family at alan's concert. there was also the promise of a beautiful weekend, so justin and i made plans to stay in virginia beach at linda's place and then head to busch gardens on saturday for some rollercoaster riding and their annual "howl-o-scream" events. with short lines, 70 degree temps, and more haunted mazes than i could handle, it was one of the best day trips we've taken in a long time.

this is a re-take of our "tired picture by the swings in new france." that one was taken last june. this one was muuuuuuuch more comfortable. even with sweatshirts :)

the fun big swings in germany while we're flying around. i used my wrist strap to take this one...

and this was one awesome shot i was happy to get. the loch ness monster loops lit up at night. i used the night scene feature on my camera, was able to find a flat surface on the bridge and voila! very cool picture. i LOVE the reflection in the water.

we also had a great time visiting kenny, stephanie and kaleb at their place in VA beach and spending a little time on the boardwalk enjoying the sandcastles at the boardwalk festival. it was tough coming back to greenville and getting ready for the work week, but now i've gotten all of the traveling and amusement park adrenaline out of my head, i can focus in on wedding stuff. and there's a lot of it coming up...

alright, that's it for now. later, y'all :)