Monday, October 02, 2006

finally fall...

well, almost. there are a few more 80 degree days left. but there have been some gorgeous days :)

so it's been a busy week--student council elections, supervision, and fun times with the family at alan's concert. there was also the promise of a beautiful weekend, so justin and i made plans to stay in virginia beach at linda's place and then head to busch gardens on saturday for some rollercoaster riding and their annual "howl-o-scream" events. with short lines, 70 degree temps, and more haunted mazes than i could handle, it was one of the best day trips we've taken in a long time.

this is a re-take of our "tired picture by the swings in new france." that one was taken last june. this one was muuuuuuuch more comfortable. even with sweatshirts :)

the fun big swings in germany while we're flying around. i used my wrist strap to take this one...

and this was one awesome shot i was happy to get. the loch ness monster loops lit up at night. i used the night scene feature on my camera, was able to find a flat surface on the bridge and voila! very cool picture. i LOVE the reflection in the water.

we also had a great time visiting kenny, stephanie and kaleb at their place in VA beach and spending a little time on the boardwalk enjoying the sandcastles at the boardwalk festival. it was tough coming back to greenville and getting ready for the work week, but now i've gotten all of the traveling and amusement park adrenaline out of my head, i can focus in on wedding stuff. and there's a lot of it coming up...

alright, that's it for now. later, y'all :)

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