Tuesday, September 26, 2006

in the "office" hanging out with my "girls"

alright, some post office prattle.

number one, you can verify with justin, i so called the "jam" situation before the new episode came on. i knew they wouldn't put them together--hello, it's only the 3rd season? but i also knew pam wouldn't be with roy--the kiss would have shaken her too much. jim would take the job, pam would be single, and they would pine for each other for atleast another couple of months. save it for february sweeps or something :)

on the whole oscar situation--we knew that was coming. i didn't expect them to open with it, but i read a column by the girl that plays meredith after the fact where she said there had been fear that "the office" would lose it's cutting-edge social commentary, that uncomfortable comedy that made us laugh, made us cringe, and made us look at the way we handled those "difficult" situations. that they would go for the safer, slap-stick comfy comedy that they knew would fly over without making too much of a stir. let's face it, if you have a show that has put episodes out there like "sexual harassment," "diversity day" (looking back, that was only their second episode! can you imagine coming out with that and what guts it took?) and now "gay witch hunt," it's obvious that "the office" has not lost their edge. if anything, they're taking even bigger steps into getting those topics out there. i watched the movie "crash" recently, and it very much focused on those same, awkward, uncomfortable and down-right "ignorant" (if i may quote oscar) statements that a lot of people still hold to. it's handled smartly, with wit, with a bit of sarcasm, and with characters that we love even though their faults cause such drama. it's one of the best shows out there. *off my soap box*

gilmore girls tonight. i am a big luke/lorelai fan and not a christopher/lorelai fan. i'm only tolerating this because i see it as a step that must be taken in order to get l&l together by the end of the season. the whole long-distance rory/logan thing smacks a little too familiar with me (yes, yes, i admit it, i cried during the season finale) but i'm interested to see what they do with rory while logan is away.

and just to round out the whole tv conversation, i'll throw these opinions out there: loved "studio 60" and "6 degrees"--which with my luck means that they'll be canceled by november. only watching "survivor" to see how long candice lasts (yes, i graduated high school with candice on the raro tribe--she was two spots ahead of me in class rank, that smarty pants) and because i'm getting bored with extreme home makeover, i might pick up "amazing race" instead. the DVR is working overtime right now...

alright, off of tv. afterall, i do have a life.

friday was a fabulous social with oakwood folks where there was karaoke, lots of homemade hor's dourves and salsa dancing. you know that sounds like a good time. justin also purchased his new car that day, a blue honda civic that i'm sure we'll have a picture up sometime soon. saturday was the ECU football game vs. WVU, which is the only game of the year where justin could care less who won. (WVU won, obviously--ranked number four in the country--but we did come close). and then sunday was destiny's birthday party, where we celebrated her entering the double digits. it's a busy week, but not too crazy. alan's concert on thursday night. end of student council elections at school on friday. whoo....

a couple of photos to share before i go fix dinner...

taken at dinner on the way back from the beach a couple of weeks ago. it makes me want to be there....

and a very welcome site around greenville. a new sheetz gas station opened on thursday, which means they have 10 days to sell gas below cost to drum up business. which means it started a major competition between the greenville gas stations where the price dropped about 50 cents in two days. flippin' awesome.

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