Tuesday, September 19, 2006

things are picking up...

so after wrapping up our first full week of the year (including another crazy book club night and another near-death moment for the mustang--she's close to dying, folks--it's only a matter of time). that's why justin and i have spent time researching car loans and preparing to purchase a new car within the next couple of weeks, possibly by this weekend. ahh, the memories.

this was a fun, productive weekend--a bridal fair in fayetteville where i got some great tips and ideas on other possible vendors. then it was off to raleigh for the rascal flatts concert with maggie. we had an excellent picnic dinner out in the parking lot and then made our way inside to the lawn. the remainder of the evening invovled some amazing music, some kinda decent music, an unusual amount of talking in between songs, and dodging some extremely inebriated college boys and girls (and there was one chick that was determined to tick me off--took a whole lot for me not to react). i did have a great time visiting with maggie, but the night was almost spoiled when it took me an hour to move about 15 feet in the parking lot. as much as i love live concerts and going to alltel a couple times during the summer, there have been a few times where i almost think it's not worth it. maybe i will spring for the "family safe alcohol and smoke free zone" next time, or even actual seats. or possibly just stick towards the back of the lawn with all the rest of the sober people.

and it's a busy busy week at school and everywhere else. i have about 5 sticky notes on my desktop with stuff that needs to get done this week, and a few more things that aren't written on stickies. i do LOVE that it's a new season of tv, and my dvr is chock full of fresh new shows that i can watch at my leisure. right now, i'm watching "studio 60 on sunset strip" and am counting down the days until the new episodes of "the office," "grey's anatomy" and "gilmore girls" come on. i'll get a chance to catch up on those this weekend in between the ecu/wvu game and justin's niece's birthday party.

favorite story of this week? this one i always knew i liked madrid.

okay, that's it for now. later, y'all...

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