Thursday, June 26, 2008

just FYI...

i have a job!

more info to come soon, but it is with an agency in town and it's a THERAPIST position--not QP or case management. dream come true. i start tuesday, and though i'll be giving up the rest of my summer, i have a feeling it's going to be totally worth it.

yay! many praises for answered prayers!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

turning in the bridesmaid shoes

so we've reached the end of my bridesmaid duties for the season. justin does have another wedding in august where he will be a groomsman, but i'm convinced that's 10 times easier than doing the bridesmaid thing.

my brother alan is now married to his wonderful wife rachel. they are off somewhere in jamaica at a sandals resort and should be back by the weekend. at that point, he will commence his search for a band director job and rachel will finish her masters in accounting in december. overall, it was a beautiful wedding and i was so happy to be a part of it. i also enjoyed seeing all of our family members that came in, and with all of us staying at the same hotel, it was like a family reunion every morning and evening!

i like this photo alot, particularly because it reminds me of....

this one. i always interpret this expression as, "look what your brother did to me."they had crazy mad bubbles on the way out. must've been really good bubbles or just the fact that it was a lot of music majors (ha!)
and these young men made the weekend incredible. the brothers of phi mu alpha were so polite, helpful, courteous to our family members and friends, and extremely talented. they were a part of the ceremony by singing the benediction, a gorgeous version of "the Lord bless you and keep you" complete with the 7 fold dresden amen. and then they serenaded us at the reception as well. so awesome to have them support alan and rachel throughout the weekend.

as for the rest of the past couple of weeks...

oh yeah, the pearl jam concert in virginia beach! one of justin's favorite bands of all times, and close to our friends kenny, stephanie, kaleb and (only a couple of months old) kendra, as well as linda and brandon (our lovely hosts for the evening). though i can't say that i knew more than a couple of songs, justin and the rest of the crowd enjoyed a great evening of music.

and we had some great seats this time rather than fighting for space on the lawn.

also, justin and i had the pleasure of attending a cook-out at one of my former co-workers house. it was great to see lots of friends and their family members, especially some people who worked at oakwood when i first started that i haven't seen in a while. it's great to know that we will still be able to continue these friendships even though we won't be working together anymore. the evening ended with s'mores and sparklers for the kids and lots of great conversation with old friends.

i've got a couple more interviews lined up. fingers crossed!

photo jobs have been fun--a trip to the farmers market was my favorite. i did go out and take pics at one of the church league games a couple of weeks ago. as soon as i pulled into the parking lot, my heart rate immediately went up and i felt slightly stressed out and anxious. i don't think i've recovered from playing softball quite yet, but i enjoyed being a spectator again!

that's about it for now. later, y'all.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

sorry for the delay...

but things are finally starting to calm down around here. or at least, until the next wedding related event comes around :)

so we had an awesome time at ashley and mark's wedding over memorial day weekend. justin actually got his post up before mine, and we're still getting pictures from friends online to document to day. nothing beats a wedding in duke chapel, and it was such a beautiful day with some amazing friends. i can't wait to see the photos that the wedding photographer took, and we also wish mark and ashley happy "house closing" as they bought their first home together this weekend. we can relate--we are celebrating one year (today!) in our home and know how stressful, yet wonderful, it can be all at the same time.

so from the wedding, justin and me infront of duke chapel

and the ec scholars reunite! mateo, linda, the beautiful bride ashley and myself at the reception. so great to see matthew as always :)

on the way home we stopped at billy and maryanne's house to meet my new cousin william for the first time. he was adorable, quite happy to be held by a couple of new people, and at only a week old, was already starting to show some personality.this was the first time in a while that justin had held a baby, so we reviewed proper "newborn-holding" directions :)
the long weekend led into the last week of school with the kids, which was spent proctoring exams, packing up my office and lining up interviews. we went to fayetteville for the weekend to visit family and to celebrate with alan and rachel as they had another wedding shower. this one focused on the boys--tools, to be precise--and alan now has enough hardware and power tools that he can stop borrowing ours and begin loaning out his own to all the fraternity brothers and probably his brother-in-law :) it was great to see everyone, and it's hard to believe that in a little less than two weeks, they will be married!

i had my last few work-related events this past week and also had three interviews for some promising job opportunities. there is one in particular that i am very excited about and i hope to have a second interview for this week to talk with the people who own the agency. i am also quite content not to work for a while, especially with alan and rachel's wedding, my yearly appointments that i schedule in the summer for this very reason, and spending time with all of my public school teacher friends who just got out of work. interviews are good, though. very good :)

and yesterday, i had the joy of photographing a wedding for the first time in a while. i was afraid i would be a little rusty, but all of the weddings we have attended/been a part of have given me some new ideas, plus this was a wonderful couple and family to work with. i had never met the bride before (they attend the early service at our church) but jarahnee was beautiful, radiant and one of the genuinely nicest people i've ever met. she and shane will be very happy together with her two boys, and in the meantime, i've got over 700 photos to go through and edit. here's just a taste of what i was able to capture yesterday...

(love this idea with the respective rings around "man" and "wife", but now wish i had chosen a verse that didn't include "naked"--might edit this one to blur out everything except man and wife, but we'll see)

love this one, though i might edit it closer to the couple in photoshop when i get the chance.

alright, that's it for now. grace and i are both looking forward to relaxing over the next couple of weeks :) (i don't know why she likes my shoes, she just does.) later, y'all!