Wednesday, April 18, 2007

last post as a single girl in g-vegas :)

so it's been quite a week, and the handy "countdown" on my google homepage says that the wedding's in 3 days.

my first inclination is to say, "no way, where has time gone? it feels like it shouldn't be that close." but i would be lying. it should be that close. it should be here. and i will love every minute of it, and love the fact that i will have a week off for my honeymoon. no more putting this off, saying there's so much to be done. it's done, i'm ready for it, and if someone were to say, "hey, want to have your wedding in the next five minutes?" i'd say "sure thing, show me the dress."

i think this might be what happens to all brides the week before their wedding. i've tried to play it off all this time, saying i'm not a bridezilla, i've been very low-key and really stayed calm through some trying times. but this week--all bets are off. the one thing i can say is that when friday gets here, i will be ready to see my friends and family, celebrate and enjoy this entire experience. until then, it's somewhat stressed-out, tired, emotional and hanging on by a thin thread of sanity lauren. she's a fun version of me :)

non-wedding related news--we have a very complete looking house. only missing carpet, some major appliances and a yard.

talent show auditions today, and my school has some talented kids. can't wait for the show in may.

this weather is way too cold for april, i'd like to say.

praying often for the students of VT.

and excited about seeing all of the people coming in town.

that's it for now. i'll be unavailable until the 30th. but i'll be back with lots of stories and pictures :)

later, y'all.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

tick, tock, tick, tock..

so i'm in fayetteville, getting all of those last minute details finished and taken care of. the end is in sight, and i'm ready for it to be here :)

in the past 24 hours, we've gotten my car to the shop, my dress to be steamed, the programs printed, the bridal portrait chosen, frame for the portrait purchased, the check-in for the caterer (and tomorrow, the florist and the rental people), thank you notes written, and... well, if i think of anything else, it'll get done tomorrow.

things that i am looking foward to:
-packing for the honeymoon, and let's face it, the honeymoon itself. the fact that in just a little over a week, i will be on a balcony of a cruiseship, heading towards the virgin islands--that's just awesome.

-seeing all of my friends and family that are coming in town.

-getting dressed up. as much as you may not pin me as "the girly girl," i have to say--putting on a big white dress and a veil makes everyone feel like a girly girl. it's fun, and if only for the afternoon, you feel like a princess.

-being one step closer to having our house. soooo excited about that.

-and, of course, being mrs. thorn. it's gonna be a great 10 days... :)

later, y'all.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

two weeks... seriously?

so as we're nearing the two week countdown to the wedding, things are amazingly busy--and not busy--at the same time. it's like running a race in slow motion. the days are full, but not necessarily of the immediate things. there are things that still need to be done, but they're always "well, next week," or "on spring break." so it'll be crazy when that time finally gets here and those things need to get done.

it's been standardized testing for the younger kids at school, and i've been helping out with a small group that gets extra time and read-aloud for the test questions. wow... talk about exhausting. there's also been planning for the talent show next month, the semi-formal, and all my typical appointments with kids.

outside of work, it's worship focus committee for church, doing all the last minute details like programs, dress steaming, florist/caterer/photographer check-ins, etc.

and, of course...
my bridesmaids weekend in virginia beach.
i have no pictures for this yet, though there should be one out there of me with a light-up sash and sparkly "bachelorette" tiara with about a dozen strands of beads around my neck before we went out. when i get that one, i'll let you know ;)
let's just say it was a fabulous weekend with my dear girls, where we got to have a great time together, see linda's new apartment, eat at some fabulous restaurants and stay at the hilton garden inn at the virginia beach town center. couldn't ask for a better time!

and tomorrow, i get to enjoy a potluck lunch at work for my other fellow bride, erin, and me. justin and i will head to fayetteville on saturday by way of clinton, have easter sunday at hay street, and head back in time for his family's celebration. and then....

spring break. hallelujah.

later, y'all :)