Monday, November 27, 2006

quick one

alright, don't have much time to talk right now, so here's what i see as being important at this moment--

love is in the air. here's to the future mr. and mrs. alan and rachel and mr. and mrs. baxter and maggie :) lots of diamonds coming out, people... must be the holiday spirit. not to mention two weddings in the next month, helping plan a couple more, and my own. it's kinda cool joining the married world with the rest of my friends.

i'm about wii-ed out. it's been played non-stop around me for the past week, but man--it is cool. here's to entertaining family and friends across the state with justin's newest toy.

one step forward, two steps back. here's to guest lists, rehearsal dinners, ugly invitations, florist losing information, and save the date cards. all in my brain right now... so ready to get some of this stuff officially checked off.

and here's to the holiday season. i've got the tree up, tickets to see snyder's singing christmas tree on saturday, presents bought, a few christmas parties to attend, and i'm loving every minute of it.

that's all for now-- later, y'all :)

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