Wednesday, December 13, 2006

seasonal slacker

alright, alright, i know i haven't posted in forever.

but i do have excellent excuses.

they would include:
various holiday parties and concerts
eating (a whole lot)
tons of travel time on the road
seeing some long lost friends
and general holiday merriment

the more important occurances from these past few weeks:
-holiday banquet at church and the return of rob and nathan in the young adult parody of gnarls barkley's "crazy"--they were awesome, the slide show behind them was awesome, and they initiated justin into the group properly. honorable mention: "the coastal plain companion" (parody of "prarie home companion" on npr) and matt's fabulous re-telling of what might happen if i tried to organize a live nativity play with all of the kids and animals including "yo momma" the llama. yeah, you just had to be there.
-singing christmas tree at snyder and getting to introduce mike and debbie to fayetteville, to hay street church, and the holiday tradition that is "the singing christmas tree." so great to be there for this special time of year.
-traveling to durham this past weekend for an awesome time with ashley, linda and mateo in the brightleaf square district, as well as a fun afternoon with my bridesmaids (minus maggie--we missed you, chica!) painting pottery in the city market area of raleigh.
-concerts at school and dip day/secret pal reveal--i love this time of year!

and finally--our beginning preparations for the trip to west virginia. we're leaving friday right after i finish at work, and though it won't be as cold as last winter, it still will be a december trip to the mountains. i'm keeping my fingers crossed for enough snow to make skiing fun, but not so much that we can't get back home :)

i'll try and get pictures up soon from my evening with the college buddies. i can't find the cord that goes with my camera, but i'll keep looking. should turn up somewhere.

that's all for now--later, y'all.

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  1. I cannot believe that Alan is engaged...that is crazy! Everybody is getting married! I hope your wedding planning is going smoothly. I wish I could relive my wedding much fun! We've been married for a year and a half and I love it! Miss ya'll...NOTE and spread the word. I will be coming out to NC either in March or the fall (when Wade interviews for dental school).