Thursday, December 28, 2006

post-holiday wrap-up

so after several days of traveling on the road and visiting family, it's nice to be back in greenville and settling into my vacation routine. makes me miss summer a little bit, but then again, i am almost getting to the point where i miss daily social interaction. always happens about this time...

we had a great time in fayetteville, even though we were trying to avoid a virus that was going around. had lots of meals at grandma's, a couple of church services on sunday, and a big breakfast christmas morning before we opened presents. i'm also failing to mention the dissapointment that was the bowl. poor pirates...

then we "swam" back to greenville (cause it was pouring the whole time) for lunch at justin's mom's house with all of the family here. again, tons of presents, playing games, and by the end of the afternoon, i was about ready to crash. it all catches up to you eventually.

so now it's just been taking care of mundane details, getting back to the gym, and shopping for wedding accesories. i've been successful on most parts. i still have a ton of stuff to do, but it's getting taken care of, slowly but surely.

and we'll be heading back to fayetteville ONE MORE TIME for sarah's wedding on saturday, along with some quick wedding stuff. i'm hoping ordering the invitations and scheduling a fitting for my dress. we'll see.

quick hop to tv watching--my new favorite show that has also won with the critics? tbs's "my boys," which wrapped up it's "season" tonight. but all of the episodes are available online for free at think girly show about relationships with a baseball twist. it's been a welcome change to all of my reruns.

and if i don't get a chance before it comes, happy new year, y'all. see you in 2007

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