Thursday, December 15, 2005

it's so close...

i've gotten through the craziness, and without too much stress.
monday night--young adults with another hilarious game of the "flipbook" game with the drawing and words and passing the pile. so much fun!
tuesday night--concert at school with 4th, 5th and band/string classes.
wednesday night--first of our monthly book club meeting. seven women at olive garden, talking about a chick lit book, laughing loudly and enjoying a fun evening with the girls. just plain awesome. :) oh, and we had dip day at work where we do a potluck meal about once a month for lunch. i brought corn casserole.
and tonight--young adults holiday party and chinese gift exchange. i can't tell what i'm bringing, but it's gonna be a popular one.
and tomorrow--party at work and then fayetteville trip to help my grandma celebrate her 75th birthday. this weekend--anniversary events with justin. hard to believe it's almost been a year since that day at the starbucks. maybe this year, he'll buy me a cup of coffee ;)
right now, i'm quite proud of him for his launching of this new business with his brother, scott. pretty amazing, and it's great to see the results already!

that's all for now! later...

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