Wednesday, August 08, 2007

it's a little steamy out there...

so it's hard to believe that i have only a week left to enjoy the freedom of summer. i'd love to have just a couple more weeks... sigh...

but at any rate, here it goes:

i had the pleasure to take dinner to katie and nathan and seeing adorable rory (and got to hold her while they ate!) forgive me for the sideways photo, but i forgot to rotate it and blogger won't do it for me.

also got to enjoy john mayer/ben folds/james morrison. the first photo is john mayer (you can tell more by the screens, i guess) and the second is ben folds (big grand piano gives him away). awesome concert, and i had such a good time going there with my coworker kelly. the pictures aren't great, but i didn't bring the big zoom lens camera cause i thought they might not let me take it in.

and the other big event in the last two weeks...linda and brandon's wedding. this is only one of many photos that are up on flickr, so please hop over there and check them out. i have to say i'm quite proud of this girl and how calmly she handled the whole weekend. she was gorgeous, the ceremony was beautiful, and we had a rockin' time at the reception. it was also great to catch up with some old EC scholars friends--ashley and mark were there, as well as john and his new girl sarah. i can't wait to hear how their honeymoon went in st. lucia in a couple weeks...

and the day is finally set--i'll be heading to fayetteville on sunday night to take the LCSW exam on monday morning. i've gotten into heavy duty study mode this week, studying for a couple of hours each afternoon and reviewing lots of material. i'm feeling pretty good about it, but i don't want to be overly confident cause there's a possibility that i'll have to take it again in another few months... nope, nope, positive thinking. and when i pass it, i will run right out and buy the new harry potter because i've been holding off until studying time is done. then, it'll be two awesome days of reading for hours until i go back to work :)

i've been trying out a gym that's close to the new house and i'm really liking it. it feels good to get back into that routine, because even though i've been walking and doing light weight-lifting, it's nice to have access to all of the big weight machines and classes.

and i think that's about it...later, y'all.

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