Monday, September 24, 2007

so it's been a while...

things have been busy around our house lately. between work, school events, spending time with family and football, we've stayed quite occupied the past couple of weeks.

highlights are as follows:

-ecu vs. southern miss game last weekend: we had tickets for the highest row in the upper deck. great view of the game and the town. long walk up the stairs, and long game with a dissapointing end. sigh...

-lunch with dad in goldsboro that same day. always good barbeque and good conversation :)

-teacher appreciation dinner this week: fun times with my coworkers while we felt quite appreciated and quite stuffed!

-getting ready for our trip up to WV for the annual preston county buckwheat festival. we'll be leaving on thursday and enjoying all of the festivities on friday and saturday. i can't wait to take pictures and enjoy the fresh mountain air.

-enjoying the sounds and the heat of the river rock festival last saturday at the town commons. i'm becoming a big fan of live music around town.

-of course, the very live sounds of the dave matthews band in raleigh last tuesday. i won tickets on the radio the week before and justin and i headed over to walnut creek right after work that night. we grabbed a couple of subs, ate them in the parking lot and headed in to stake out our spots. i will say that the fans at a DMB concert are more mellow than some of the other concerts i've attended. no fighting over spaces, everyone being nice to everyone else, and lots of sharing... at any rate, once the haze cleared, it was an awesome concert with one of the best bands out there. and one of our cheapest dates ever :)

-and the promise of fall. we got a taste of it last week and i'm ready for it for good. there's something about being able to pull on jeans and a comfy sweatshirt to go out and enjoy the season.

that's all for now. new pics up on flickr--check 'em out!

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