Friday, November 05, 2010

davis's first week

davis was a week old yesterday! here's a little peek into what he's been up to...

we made it to our first pediatrician visit on tuesday! he went down to 7 lbs 9 oz (from his 8 lb 1 oz birth weight) and looks great. we're going back this coming week for another weight check, but the way he's been eating--shouldn't be an issue :)
while we were out, we stopped at my work office and at one of the local toy stores--already checking out the fun toys that we can play with as he grows.
really we were there to pick up one of these guys--a wubbanub--a pacifier with a small stuffed animal attached that was recommended by our pediatrician. this thing has become davis's new best friend and we all love it! otherwise, he would spit one of the soothie pacifiers out all the time.
he's also had his first sponge bath (and will get another one tonight or tomorrow--he's had lots of incidents of peeing on himself during diaper changes. we try so hard to be quick and use other diapers/burp cloths/cloth diaper inserts to block--and he still manages to time it just right.)
he's hung out with lots of family members and has shown us all of his many many expressions :)
this is one of my favorites :)
though this one melts my heart, too.

he's even gotten used to the animals--or rather, the animals have gotten somewhat used to him.
we did end up taking an emergency trip to the vet with grace (my oldest gray tabby cat.) she's been diagnosed with a possible urinary tract infection, but more than likely, it's stress-induced cystitis caused by all the visitors and the baby and the numerous changes she's experienced over the past few days. she's my cat and doesn't really care for justin, so i had to be the one to take her to the vet--and i'm feeding davis every two hours and didn't want to chance it by being away from him. so we were all at the vet on wednesday--and i fed him while helping to keep grace calm. nothing like multitasking as a new mom!

thursday we stayed at home and got a lot done. i finally got my clothes switched out, sorting through and putting up the summer clothes and most of my maternity stuff (i'm still wearing maternity pants for the most part, and a few tops.) then in the afternoon, i got davis to cooperate for a little in-home photo shoot....

i'd been wanting to do those before he got too big and before my family went home. success! i love how photogenic this boy already is :)

and then today, we headed out to eat at one of my favorite restaurants--a mennonite place about a half hour away that has the best breakfasts. davis did so well and let me feed him at the table when it came time for him to eat, too. afterward, we went back into town and walked around the holiday show while he was in his moby wrap. he got lots of attention, and many people were surprised to hear how old he was (and that i was out walking around!) i'm honestly feeling well and enjoy getting out and being social. we snacked on all the samples and then got the opportunity to have "2 minute touch ups" done at the estee lauder booth.
(this was when the woman was helping to cover up the dark circles under my eyes--imagine that!)

one more photograph before we headed home.
what a first week! justin and i will be on our own this weekend, and we're kinda excited to see how we do without the help from our family. justin's especially looking forward to spending some time with him since he went back to work on thursday. it's been amazing to watch him grow just over the past week and to learn all about him!