Tuesday, July 04, 2006

happy 4th!

and a happy independence day to all :)

i just got back from enjoying the greenville fireworks at the town commons with justin, katie and nathan, and jennifer and kenny. we were up in the grassy part and had to look almost straight up to see them. so great to be close to the action.

wanted to share a few photos from our beach excursion a little over a week ago. in the first one, you can just barely see a rainbow. it was much prettier in person (didn't quite transfer over to the photo--oh well).

a classic "do it yourself" picture of us. i now realize how cheesy the hat looks, but when you're fair-skinned and have naturally wavy hair, there's only so much you can do to help it after you get out of the ocean. that seemed like the best option.and my naturally-handsome boyfriend. it's rare that you get to see his hair all tossled like that, so i take advantage of it when i can.

this past week was one of my busier weeks during the summer. after the DCI trip on sunday, i got up monday to baby-sit justin's niece and nephew, tyler and destiny. their mom, melissa, was teaching summer school and was looking for some help watching them this week. so i took monday, wednesday, and friday (my typically free days during the week) and did the summertime routine of bowling, matinee movies and ice skating. all in all, we had a good time hanging out together.

tuesday and thursday are my tutoring days, and i was back in my office this week after painting and having my floors done the past two weeks. i love my very very blue office. it makes a world of difference and will be so much fun to decorate this coming year. i also got to catch up with jennifer and hallie for lunch on tuesday, and we discussed the activities for the "book club beach weekend" (or as some are calling it, the "literature conference"). good times will be had by all :)

friday afternoon was the "good luck in Ph.D. school" party for lisa, my kindred spirit that i found this year. (for those of you who need a frame of reference, she's the one who stuck her face in the cake). lisa's going back to school and will be sorely missed (especially by me) but we had a great time sending her off at chili's and i know we'll be staying in touch.

it was a fairly lazy weekend, with some cooking and movie-watching, but little else as far as productivity goes. i headed home to fayetteville on sunday to spend some time with mom and grandma, and came back monday night to prepare for our fourth of july celebration.

and so i'll leave you with this photo, taken tonight on my "fireworks" setting for the camera. gotta love that. family vacations coming up, continued bonding between me and justin, and trying to squeeze every last moment out of my summer break as i plan for the coming school year. have a good one! later, y'all...

oh, come on, neighbors. must you really set off fireworks this late at night?

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