Monday, July 24, 2006

been home for 24 hours...

and that hasn't happened since about a week and a half ago.

it's good to be home. for four days :)

so i finally got my computer back and have loved uploading my pictures (on flickr, of course) and also having the potential to mess with them on photoshop elements (installed while my computer was in for its annual check-up). i also love it when i have great pictures that don't even need photoshopping (like this one of the sunset in west virginia)

as promised, there are plenty of pictures up from our trip to WV, including the family reunion at alpine lake...

and the pittsburgh pirates game...
(i'm thinking we need to find some new poses for pictures--oh well.)

the trip to myrtle beach was fantastic, with lots of bonding among our group from work. i can't believe i've only known these fabulous women for a year, but we had a great time and will plan to do it again. not a whole lot of pictures from that, but it's myrtle beach--you can imagine the kind of trouble we got into. i did love getting a voice mail from john bream while i was in WV and then happening to run into him at broadway at the beach. such a surprise!

and now it's tutoring for the next few days until it's time to go to the outer banks with mom and grandma for our abbreviated summer vacation. while we're there, i'll get to see elizabeth again, even after she stopped in to see me this morning for breakfast :) such great times catching up with her.

and the exciting professional news of the day? i can now add "p-lcsw" after my name. the letter came in, and i'm now officially approved to start becoming a licensed clinical social worker. AND it came with a certificate. can't wait to frame it!

i'm continuing to collect information about wedding planning, even getting a book from one of the teachers at work. it's great to start this process, but i almost feel like i'm already behind. i know i'll start to feel better once we get some of the basic details nailed down, but i can't do that until i stop traveling, and that won't be for another week or so. oh well--once it starts, i'm hoping it will all fall into place.

alright, that's all for now. later, y'all.

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