Sunday, March 09, 2008

auction is past, spring break is almost here...

so after weeks of preparation, we finally had our annual auction on friday night. pictures are up on under their "scene around" button, but i added a few of my personal ones on flickr. the oakwoodettes were a huge hit again this year, and the marilyn monroe costumes, complete with blond wigs and feather boas, made our performance quite popular. though it was not a... broadway performance (many likened it to a drag show) it was terribly entertaining.

justin and i both enjoyed getting dressed up for the occasion. he had gotten a new suit last week in preparation for the three weddings we already have lined up for this summer, and this was his first chance to wear it. i had a little black dress that was just right for the "hollywood" themed event :)
and my photo package proved to be a big hit among the parents, too. i got a lot of questions about the work that i do and got to hand out a ton of business cards. in creating my display for the auction, i wanted to add in some baby portraits, so elizabeth (my intern) brought her 3 month old daughter by so i could take some quick shots. we only had about 5 good minutes to take photos, but they turned out well! i'm getting some great ideas for other baby portraits from browsing photos on flickr, and i can't wait to have some time to take more pictures soon!
in the meantime, we've got oakwood's family science night this thursday (i've been asked to take pics for the school) and a diabetes walk on saturday (job for the reflector). after that, we're heading to fayetteville for a baby shower, the always-fabulous simmons' dessert drop-in, and palm sunday at hay street. we're only two weeks away from spring break (woohoo!) and i've already made plans to head over to winston-salem for a couple of days to visit the very pregnant patrice (and matt, too, but he still has to work).

other than that... i'm just hanging on. i've got spring fever and honestly, summer can't get here fast enough. is that bad? that's just where i am right now...

that's all for now. later, y'all :)

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