Saturday, March 22, 2008

easter in greenville

it's our first easter in greenville, since we were in fayetteville last weekend for the simmons' dessert drop-in. we've been extremely productive, getting a lot of yard work done (justin) and doing another fun photo shoot (me). i had a great time enhancing some of the photos with an antique finish that played up the light and the colors. be sure to notice those :)

spring break is finally here and i am so relieved to be able to relax for the next few days. i plan on heading over to winston-salem to visit patrice and maggie, and though i had talked about going to boone, i think i'm going to wait for the summer and some warmer weather. (we're going to kentucky for a wedding in august and the route will take us right near boone, so i'd rather try going then).

towards the end of the week, i'm scheduled to shoot founder's day over at ecu (one of my favorite school events!) and a mexican culture festival over the weekend. i like shooting these different events around greenville--and i'm liking the checks, too.

we have plans for easter lunch tomorrow after church and then...our annual dyeing of the eggs. should be a good time :)

that's all for now. later, y'all.

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