Friday, August 15, 2008

our new bed

we've made few "large" furniture purchases for our home since we moved in. everything that we had in our individual apartments essentially found a place in our new home, even if it was slipcovered, got a new coat of paint or just looks out of place. my queen size mattress we were using was a hand-me-down as well, and after going through a number of mattress toppers and also getting to experience much better, softer mattresses at hotels we were visiting--a new mattress made it to the top of our "want list."

then...between my new job, the overlap of salaries, the stimulus check, etc...a new mattress became possible! (as well as the great furniture we got from lindsay and jeremy.) we shopped around in july, finding the perfect combination of price and amazing pillowtop softness. the delivery charge was, of course, ridiculous, so we opted out and said we would pick it up ourselves.

our fabulous next door neighbor john (the shed builder) helped us out by lending his truck once more and picking it up for us. we got in the house and removed the old mattress, quickly realizing that our old mattress/box springs combination was about the same size as the mattress that we were bringing in--without the box springs. once the mattress was actually in place, it because humorously obvious that this was a much taller bed that the one that we'd had.

i found an old picture from when we first moved in--note where the mattress hits the wall underneath the pillow shams and the regular pillows. you can just barely see the bedside tables next to it, but it's clear that they are just barely below the mattress.

now, the new bed. comes all the way up to the chair rail and there is a dramatic drop from the bed to our bedside tables. i had to make an emergency trip to j.c. penney last night to find sheets that would fit our now 14" mattress. the comforter still fits, somewhat, but it's stretching it.
sleeps like a dream, though!

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