Monday, August 18, 2008

worship is...

yesterday, at church, we had an awesome service where the main focus was worship and how we worship God. The point made was that we worship God in all aspects of our lives, not just on Sunday morning when we sing. i think it's always great to get this reminder and to remember how we can use everything in our lives to worship God and to show others how He is the center of all we do.

at the same time, i will admit that the music was AMAZING and i have always known that music is how i worship. it's the way that i connect to God and i believe that's why i have been blessed with musical abilities and interests. jordan, the worship leader, led us in an awesome version of "here i am to worship" (with just the right acoustic riff that seemed totally john mayer-like) and then ended with "did you feel the mountains tremble?" that song has always given me chills and energized me, especially in live music settings. i remember going to see the passion band while i was in college and just jumping up and down, dancing and singing as loud as i could with an auditorium full of other followers, just praising God.

before we went into our worship time, they played a video over the projector that just said it all. this one really hit home and i had to search online until i found it. i hope it speaks to everyone else as much as it did to me. remember this the next time that worship seems dull or something just doesn't feel right. is it really about what you got out of it, or is it about what you gave to God?

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