Friday, December 24, 2010

davis at eight weeks

davis turned 8 weeks yesterday!
we're excited to celebrate the holidays with all of our friends and family over the next few days :)

we got an early start to some "family time" when we had a snow day last week. justin ended up staying home with us, and he and the animals (and davis, in my arms) had a group nap last week among the laundry i was working on folding. can you spot them all?

we also did a photo shoot for our christmas card, which i've included down at the bottom. honestly, they are all in envelopes and none are addressed. i'm hoping to get to that sometime today or sunday.
even pepper got in on the holiday spirit.
other than that, we've done a lot of hanging out and letting davis grin, laugh and coo at us.
despite these very serious faces, he really has opened up and will have about 30 minutes a few times a day with lots of smiling and "talking."
and i just have the best time dressing him, especially in his christmas gear.
though when daddy gets an opportunity, he has fun with it, too :)
we've worked on keeping him warm while we travel...

and keep him on a regular sleep routine. he's had a couple of stretches of six hours of sleep! so wonderful...
i'm nearing my last week of maternity leave, and as much as i am excited about seeing my co-workers and clients again (and getting a paycheck), it will be tough not spending the entire day with him.
but we're just going to enjoy making the christmas memories.
from our home to yours, a very merry christmas and a happy new year!