Friday, December 10, 2010

davis at six weeks

davis was six weeks old yesterday!

six weeks marked my visit back to the doctors. i brought davis along so we could get a picture with dr. brown, who delivered him. he's not my regular doctor and we didn't get a photo when davis was born, so i was happy to get a photo of them together!

then we hit the road. we stopped in at justin's office so that his coworkers could see him.
needless to say, justin was a proud papa!
and then we kept going on to fayetteville to visit my mom and grandma. my mom had planned on possibly coming up later in the week, but over the weekend, she sprained her ankle and on tuesday--it still looked like this:
so we took it easy with her and all got to relax while she got her weekly dose of davis :)
we made it back on wednesday just in time for the high school youth group christmas party, where he got passed around and looked especially cute in his santa hat (and antlers that someone added on for a few minutes!)
i'm having fun taking pictures of all the cute christmas outfits we have. we have hit up the consignment shops and have about a dozen christmas onesies for him to wear this month. love it!
we call this face "crazy eyes."

and of course, who can resist those chubby cheeks and a fish face?
a few quick facts about him at six weeks--he gave me his first real "grin" yesterday at recognizing me. such a great feeling :)

we are doing cloth diapers during the day and disposables at night. the cloth diapers are going pretty well, though they've leaked several times. i think i'm going to have to double up on the absorbent inserts to keep that from happening, but then that makes the diapers so bulky that some of his onesie outfits don't fit! but it's worth it not to pay tons for diapers each week. we're still working through the ones that people had given us.

he's giving me stretches of 4-5 hours of sleep for the first stretch of the night, and then 2-3 hours for the next stretch. then i'll get as much i can past that. usually he sleeps one more hour in the bassinet and then another hour or so in bed with me, sleeping on my chest or in the crook of my arm.

during the day, he's super awake in the morning right after he gets up, then he'll cat nap until lunchtime. he takes two long naps in the afternoon, just separated by a feeding. he's back up by the time justin gets home, cat naps until 9 or so, then goes down for good between 9 and 10. it's so nice having a schedule now!

this weekend, we're going to try and do some holiday stuff. maybe go to the parade where my brother's band is marching... maybe seeing santa... definitely doing our holiday photos. just trying to enjoy every moment of the christmas season and my time with davis before i go back to work.