Tuesday, March 15, 2011

checking in

we've had a good past few weeks. it's amazing to see how davis is growing and the little milestones we're seeing each day.

i did a series of mini sessions at the local daffodil field the past couple of weekends and am just finishing editing. love them! it felt good to get back to taking photos again, too. davis and justin do pretty well without me, and i've gotten to meet lots of new families in the area.

work is doing well--our agency is getting tons of referrals, and with one of our contract therapists leaving, i'm inheriting a good portion of her case load. it makes me feel good to stay busy and use my time well while i'm away from davis during the day.
we've got several big weekends coming up--planning our first trip downeast to see my grandparents (we'll stop in the town of davis, one of his namesakes, on the way down and take a picture, i'm sure) as well as easter, going to some of the local festivals, and davis's first birthday party for one of his friends!
he's been spending some good quality time with his daddy lately, though he still prefers me at night and putting him to bed. we're all pretty exhausted lately, but i just keep telling myself that it's a phase and it will soon pass....(yawn)
i'm trying to think of other interesting things in our household...well, we're putting pepper on a diet. her recent trip to the groomers where she shed her shaggy coat showed us that she's put on a few pound over the winter. i blame the cold weather, tired owners and cleaning too many plates from the table. it's tough love with her now--no sharing people food (or at least very little) and many more play sessions with us as the weather warms up.
i'm also working on shedding the baby weight--i'm back in to some of my previous clothes, but have had to buy a few things to transition into the summer. i'm hopeful to start doing regular exercise, too, as it gets warmer and we can go for walks at night. but i'm also a fan of conserving energy when i'm already exhausted. usually the conserving energy wins out!
and it's offical--we have the cutest baby ever.
but i'm a little biased ;)