Tuesday, March 08, 2011

potpourri of randomness

*it's really bugging me that my blog is still in valentine's day mode and i haven't done march/st. patty's day theme yet. but this week has been all about priorities, and right now, that's just not one of them.

*davis has continued to regress with sleeping. like waking up every 2 hours regression, so it's almost like we're back to having a newborn. we tried something different last night, letting him sleep the first hour or two and when he woke up, keeping him up for an hour or so, then putting him back to bed later. (with last night's schedule, that was sleeping from 6 pm until 8 pm, wake from 8 pm to 9:15, then back down and--yay!--sleeping for four hours after that. progress!)

*for the past couple of months, pepper has been chewing up random breastpump supplies that i leave on top of my pump or in the bag. thankfully, many friends gave me their extra pump parts and stockpiles, or else i'd be very upset (and purchasing way too many replacement parts.) it's very odd and disturbing to find your dog chewing up a pump shield, and obviously i haven't learned my lesson by putting the bag up where she can't get to it.

*gas prices are starting to seriously concern me. i've been driving more frequently to help out at work with traveling to see clients in their home (like i used to do a couple of years ago.) i have a 16 gallon tank in my car, which means filling up with gas is over $50. and i'm having to do it on an almost weekly basis now. ugh... i'm scared to see what it will do this summer!

*i have about 1600 photos to upload from the daffodil field pictures that i took the past two weekends. and i haven't done it yet--but have great intentions to do so tomorrow night. and then will begin a massive editing streak. again, priorities. sleep became more important when we were getting so much less of it!

*i also have a nasty case of poison ivy from the daffodil field. this is the 2nd or 3rd time i've gotten poison ivy from there? you'd think i would've learned by now---but here i am, itching and dealing with several serious patches of pink welts. woo hoo!

*i also have several adorable photos of davis, in the daffodil field as well as other daily photos that show just how cute this baby is. but they're still on the memory cards and i know that uploading those will also mean uploading the daffodil photos. so it's just easier if i think, "no, they're on the cards right now, i'll get to them later." procrastinate much?

*he had his 4 month check up last friday, and the new stats are as follows: 14 lbs 4 oz, 24 and 3/4 inches long, and a 17 and 1/4 inch head. he did great, handled the shots well, and charmed the doctor with his smile during the whole visit.

*and i think that's about it...baby's awake. let's see how night 2 goes of some alert time...