Monday, February 28, 2011

four months old

our little guy is four months old today! we don't have our dr's appointment until the end of the week, so we'll have to wait until then for updated stats. i'm guessing he's around 15 pounds, and i know he seems much longer. a lot of his sleepers are too short for him now, and i'm sorting out all of the 0-3 month clothes as he outgrows them. we're still pretty good in 3 month stuff (especially carters, which is a lot of what we have) and now are doing good in 3-6 month things. it's been fun going through and putting him in some of the hand-me-downs we have in larger sizes. he went to church on sunday sporting this cute little outfit...

there's actually a pair of matching shorts, but i didn't think it was quite time for that yet.
the hat was just perfect!
we are definitely in teething mode. one of the things that we've found helps him is a rubber spoon in the freezer. we can take it out and give it to him, and he just goes to town! (as shown in the video.)

apparently with four months comes more developmental changes, including a fun "four month sleep regression." i hadn't even heard of this until today, but after a couple of horrible nights of sleep during the past week, justin looked it up and sent me a couple of links. in a way, i guess it's reassuring to know that he's normal and perfectly on track (and that we're not alone!) and in another way--it's still completely exhausting. i'm very interested in seeing what the pediatrician says. some people have mentioned rice cereal, and i'm just hesitant to jump into that already.

we have started supplementing with formula with him during the day. i realized this was necessary after a couple of weeks where we were cutting it very close with what i could pump and what he was eating while at his grandma's. i was stressing myself out in the evening, trying to pump a couple of times before bed (and staying up later to do it) and then again during the day, when my schedule wasn't working for me to pump enough times. so we're mixing a couple of ounces of formula with the breastmilk and it makes the supply last much longer so that i can actually stock up now. and i've noticed that now that i'm not stressing about it, i seem to be doing better with how much i can pump anyways. i guess it's just a relief, and davis doesn't seem to notice the difference.

his skin is so much better (though the heat from today and yesterday may have made it flare back up just a little bit.) we've been doing baths every 2-3 nights instead of every night, and when we do bathe him, it's with lukewarm water, a milder soap and then lots and lots of cream afterward. we also have some very mild steroid cream for the bad spots, and those have cleared right up. we are watching the spots behind his knees again--he has learned that if he pulls his legs up in the air with his hands for support, he can scratch behind his knees. (that's actually been one of his tricks for keeping himself awake when he's trying to fight sleep.)

we did a big test this past weekend and let justin and davis stay together for 7 hours while i went to durham to see "in the heights" with one of my work friends. i think we were all nervous about this at first, because davis has been a total mama's boy lately and has screamed when justin has tried to help with him going to bed or in the middle of the night. i end up doing it all myself because i'd rather deal with it than listen to him cry. it's a completely irrational reaction, and he quiets down as soon as i hold him. so we'd already bought the tickets before he started this up in the last week or so, and i just told him to call someone if he started getting really frustrated or needed back up. i checked in all during the afternoon while i was gone (and it was an amazing musical, by the way, sooo good!) and they did awesome together :) went down for naps and played and ate and did just fine. we tested it again this evening and he fussed--so it just seems to be an evening/nighttime thing. at least i know i can leave him for the day, and we're hoping to get back on track for sleeping and going to bed soon. goodness, let's hope so. there's only so many nights of bad sleep that i can take while still working full time during the day!

the crazy thing is--after a bad night of sleep and very limited naps today, he was still in a great mood this evening before bath time. i love hearing his laugh!