Wednesday, February 09, 2011

hodge podge

a picture from this past weekend's birthday celebration--with a delicious peanut butter explosion cake from the fresh market. ahhh, how i love the fresh market and their baked goods....
a cute one of davis and my grandma (his gigi--for "g"reat "g"randma). the toy he has there is one of his favorites. justin says it looks like a cow crossed with the nbc peacock. whatever--it makes the boy happy!

a moment from tonight. justin's been having a tough time getting in quality time with davis. unfortunately, by the time justin gets home, davis is in his "witching hour" mode and can be very fussy--not all the time, but just a high likelihood. then, if i ask for help during the middle of the night, it's because he doesn't need to be fed and is just needs to be put back to sleep. not the most fun task in the world. so we've been trying to let him get some relaxing time in as well. this was after davis had fallen asleep, and justin just got to enjoy holding a sleeping baby.
ooh, got a 31 order in, which included a matching thermal tote for davis's diaper bag. love it!
i've been traveling during the day for the past two days to a training in raleigh. today, as we were leaving, my coworker stephanie took a wrong exit and we had to turn around. in the process of turning around, i spotted... a trader joe's! we'd gotten out of the training a little early and all agreed that we could enjoy a quick shopping trip. i've never been to a trader joe's, but have always wanted to check it out. in addition to the stuff shown here, i got some oatmeal, granola bars, hummus, animal crackers, dog treats and drinks. i definitely wish i'd had a freezer bag! maybe next time...

and two important links to share--i can hardly believe that jonah's 2nd birthday is coming up! to celebrate, the 2nd annual jonah's eb auction is getting started, including a giveaway right now. click on over to check it out, and bookmark the page for later in the month when the auction begins. i will have a photo session and a set of custom letters up for grabs.

and finally, i want to continue patrice's charge for finding a "forever family" for anton, a 1 year old boy with EB who is currently in a hospital in russia. he was born as a twin to a surrogate mother, and his parents chose to take home his healthy twin and leave anton in the hospital. he's at risk of going to an orphanage, where he likely wouldn't receive the care and medical attention that he needs. there is a paypal button at his reece's rainbow page, as well as fundraisers on the hopeforanton page to contribute to his adoption fund. the hope is that a family will be able to adopt him, and a large chunk of the adoption fees will already be paid for through these efforts. please check out all of these options and consider donating or participating in one of the fundraisers!