Monday, February 21, 2011

baby soft skin?

davis said it was okay for me to share his skin issues with you (since so many of you were helpful with eczema suggestions last night!)

his worst spots are on his arms and thighs, though he's got little red dots across his chest and most of his calves.
(his eye makes me laugh in this one--but obviously we're looking at his shoulder)
and then the back of his knees were really bad in the middle of last week, where we think the spots broke open and were weepy. they've healed pretty well now.
so i greased him up today, with a combination of gentle naturals "baby eczema cream" and the aquaphor we'd been using on his face this winter when he got chapped.
and we have another cream and some goat's milk soap on the way. i'm really interested in hearing what our pediatrician says at his appointment next week. ironically, i'm also going to the dermatologist for the first time in almost four years this week, so maybe i can get some advice while i'm there ;) (and please pray for me with that visit--the last time i went, they had to cut a spot out of my palm and it wasn't pleasant. since then, the spot has come back and brought two others with it. and there are a couple of other iffy spots... ugh, i know it's for my health, but i don't like having stuff cut off/out of me.)

so we'll just keep working on getting this guy's complexion as clear as can be...
and enjoy the smiles that come with it--he seems like hanging out in his diaper now :)