Sunday, February 20, 2011

quick weekend at home

we've had a break in the cold weather here in eastern nc, and our little family has tried to soak up the fresh air as much as possible!

davis has gotten to spend some time outside during the day, too, at his grandma's, but i loved getting a chance to photograph him in some natural light (even if he was really tired and about ready to start his bedtime routine.)

friday night, he and i headed to fayetteville so that we could go to my cousin katie's baby shower on saturday. we've learned that driving at night while he's supposed to be sleeping is the easiest way to make the trip. though he woke up as we were coming in to fayetteville and was up for a good hour or so before he would go back to sleep. my mom didn't mind it, though, and she enjoyed getting to spend some time with him this weekend.

after the shower on saturday (where he was a huge hit--nothing livens up a baby shower like a baby :) ), we went out to the backyard at my mom's house and enjoyed the sunshine.
i cannot wait to do this every day! it felt so good to soak up some rays and enjoy the fresh air.
had to get a picture of his lashes--it kills me how long they are!
after dinner last night, we got davis ready for bed again and put him in the car. unfortunately, he woke up as we were strapping him in and we decided i'd just drive and he'd eventually fall asleep. well, about half an hour later, he was still screaming and i realized he was probably hungry at this point. so i had to stop and pull into the parking lot of a highway motel and feed him. i know it wasn't the safest decision, but i couldn't drive any longer with him crying and it just seemed like the only option. after he was fed, it was only a few miles down 95 and he was asleep. i just don't think that would've happened if he didn't get a little something in his stomach. i just get so stressed out when he cries on and on in the car, and i'm driving and can't do anything about it. that's been the worst "mom" feeling so far... anyone else have crazy stories about trying to drive with kids in the car?

after such a crazy evening, he slept well last night, from 10 until 4:30 and then until 7:15 or so. he woke up happy and entertaining himself by popping his lips (a new skill he's just picked up) and letting some gas out :) we had a great morning at church and enjoyed a lazy sunday afternoon.

(he scratched his face today and i just can't break out the clippers yet. so we filed down the sharp nails and i'm just hoping it heals quickly!)
i did the grocery shopping and spent some time up at the middle school youth group before coming back home and helping with bath time.
love to see him all bundled up and clean!
we think he has eczema and tried some new bath soap and lotion specifically designed for baby eczema. his 4 month check up is at the end of next week, so we'll wait to see what the pediatrician says. any suggestions on treating eczema with infants? the internet offers a lot of suggestions, but some of them are contradict one another.

finally, a couple of videos that i had to share. my aunt nancy (my mom's sister) has really taken to davis and loves spending time with him whenever she can. he also seems to love being around her, and she got some of the biggest laughs and grins out of him this weekend (possibly because she does just about anything to get him to smile.) i remember getting to spend time with her growing up, and i always enjoyed it. we would cook, she was so much fun to play with at the beach on our annual trips, and i'm so glad davis has gotten to spend time with her as well. she's currently going through cancer treatments and her numbers have been great recently, and we pray that they continue to show improvement. until then, we just try to let her and davis get as much time together as possible--and they obviously enjoy one another's company :)

(please ignore me eating chocolate cake in the background there. it was good chocolate cake--i couldn't help myself!)