Monday, February 14, 2011

our valentine's weekend

it was actually a pretty quiet weekend for us. i had a short list of things i wanted to get done, which included some updated "studio" photos of davis. he was in a great mood saturday morning, so i quickly set everything up and had a great time capturing his smiles in a couple of cute outfits.
justin's dad and stepmom had given him this outfit when he was first born, and it's sized for 3 months, so i wanted to make sure we took some pictures in it before he got too big.

i love this one so much in black and white! it's just the perfect portrayal of davis in this moment.
and this is so cute--he constantly has his hands in his mouth these days, and it looks like he's giggling or has a secret.

a close up, where you can see his hair coming back in up top. also--what color do you think his eyes will be? they're a grayish hazelish looking color right now...just not sure which way they're going to go!
this is his favorite elephant toy that his aunt heather gave him. he loves to chew on the trunk right now (teething, anyone?)
and justin said i might not want to post this picture, because it shows just how basic my "set up" is. for studio shots, i take out the ironing board and throw a sheet over it. i have a black sheet, an off white one (that's actually one of our real sheets) and a light blue one that i've used before. the black and light blue ones are flat twin sheet from wal-mart that cost me about $4. i know i could spend money on portrait packages, even if it's just going up to sears. however, at this age, there's no telling what kind of mood he'll be in, if he'll cooperate at all in a different location, etc. for his earlier pictures, i just used a boppy or his changing table pad with blankets over them. for this one, i used a backrest pillow and another pillow in the middle with a blanket thrown over it. i catch him in his best mood, he's at home and is comfortable, and we get a fun audience with the animals :)
so... it's that easy. it helps to have a nicer camera, obviously, and i think a bounce flash makes the biggest difference unless you have good natural lighting and your camera is good enough to handle natural lighting.

after that, we really took it easy. we ordered take-out for dinner, got plenty of sleep saturday night and got up early for church on sunday. he was all smiles then, too.
(please disregard the dirty bathroom mirror. it's been a while since that bathroom got a good cleaning.)

and then justin and i enjoyed a lovely valentine's lunch thanks to aunt melissa who came over to watch davis. it was nice just to get out and enjoy a quiet meal without rushing through or worrying about the baby's temperament. but i was still ready to get back home to see him!

i took a couple of videos of davis *almost* rolling over. he's done it once, on my birthday evening while my mom was here watching him and she put him down in the crib after he'd woken up once. he obviously didn't intend to do it and hasn't repeated it again... but he's gotten very close! however, the videos are sorta messed up and i'll have to figure out what happened with them. you'll just have to trust me that he's almost rolling over from back to front.

alright, time for bed... and maybe pump one more time before sleep. i'm trying desperately to keep up with my growing boy during the day, but we've been cutting it close the past week or so. the training i went to where i wasn't able to pump when i needed to has possibly thrown off my supply a little bit. any suggestions for helping that boost back up? i'm taking a fenugreek supplement and eating oatmeal for breakfast each morning.

oh, and happy valentine's day! especially to my wonderful husband who is an amazing father and does such a great job with davis when i'm working late or out running errands. we are both so blessed to have him!