Monday, February 07, 2011

more fun facts about my boy

he does not like being harnessed in (most times.)
he actually did okay with this once we got outside and moving. til about 3/4 of the way when he started to get hungry. he is still pretty iffy about car seats, but i did have a mostly pleasant ride to and from the sitter's house today. we might be on the upswing...

yesterday was the super bowl, and he got to wear his steelers onesie one last time.
(these are 0-3 month sized, so he'll outgrow them very soon.)
he didn't stay up for the game, but he commiserated with his daddy today.

he's the kid of a million faces.
(the pout still kills me. seriously, could you resist that face?)
and the most entertaining feature right now? his receding hair. he's gone from having a full head of hair to a horseshoe pattern to his current mohawk...
that's dangerously close to becoming a rat tail...
we're assuming it will eventually all fall out and be replaced by the real hair that's coming in across the top of his head right now. mostly white blond with some light brown thrown in.

grace likes his changing table. (we've also seen evidence that she likes his crib. she's our most agile animal and tends to get herself to the most interesting places.)
and i think we're very very close to some serious teething. early, yes, but right on cue compared to when my brother and i started teething. he's loving his hand/fist, stuffed toys (especially one elephant toy that he can pull towards his mouth and gnaw on the trunk) and a couple of teething rings.
and that's it for tonight. i ask for prayers for tomorrow and wednesday--i'm going to a training and will have to be away from davis for the longest time we've had to do so far (and travel an hour away.) i'm worried about being able to pump there and making sure he has enough milk to make it through the day back here at home. i just want to feel at peace about it and know that he'll be fine (which he will be--but you know what i mean.)