Wednesday, February 16, 2011

fun videos and a mommy mistake

we figured out how to fix the videos, so here's one from the weekend with davis' rollover attempts. you can see him try for it two or three times and get frustrated (and tired... he went down for a nap shortly after this)

and here's one that justin took today of davis during tummy time. he enjoyed flipping his head back and forth and seemed to be playing a little bit with justin.

and then a picture from this morning. you'll notice his cute outfit (thanks, grandma debbie!) and the orange bandage on his thumb. that's because i took a little bit too much off his nail while clipping them this morning. i thought it would never stop bleeding!
he recovered (and went down for a nap--i guess he wore himself out) but it definitely made me realize that i need some baby-sized bandages.

and davis wanted to thank everyone for his valentine's gifts and cards :) especially the cute cup from papa and joy and the stuffed dog from grandma debbie. he definitely felt the love this valentine's day!