Saturday, October 29, 2011

birthday weekend, part 1

we're halfway through our birthday weekend with davis, with a quiet night on friday (his actual birthday.)

he's sporting his "my first birthday" shirt here, and a hat i picked up at the party store. of course, i tried to do a few shots with the hat on, and in the process of trying to put it on him, he reached up, pulled on the rubber band and snapped it. and i felt like the worst mommy in the world.

(thankfully it disappeared overnight and he was in a better mood in just a few minutes.)
we got up this morning and all got ready for his party this morning. it's homecoming weekend, here, and being in a college town--we knew we could either plan and compete against the homecoming activities, or go with it and tag on. so we decided to tag on and do a breakfast party that led into the annual homecoming parade. i knew the owners of one of the new restaurants downtown that ended up being just a couple of blocks from the parade. they were more than willing to work with us, so we went ahead and planned our birthday breakfast.
the scullery is an awesome little place that specializes in coffee and homemade ice creams. but they also have tons of baked goods, the best grilled cheese ever, and lots of special sandwiches, soups and salads depending on what is in season.
here he is with his birthday muffin with a candle in it. had to go along with the theme :)
and tearing into it. he will get to try cake tomorrow with our family party, but it seemed to fit well and was a lot less messy.
after we ate and talked for a while, we moved on down to the road to where the parade was passing.

he settled in justin's lap and was happy to watch and stay warm--it got incredibly cold over night and was a chilly, damp morning.
but once the parade came...he was entralled.

i love the looks of pure awe on his face. he didn't get startled by the fire trucks or sirens, loved the bands, and did incredibly well considering this was well past his normal morning naptime.
his new thing is pointing and trying to communicate through a few words, grunts and signs that he's mastered. the parade was no exception, and he'd follow the interesting bands and floats around the corner as far as he could see them.

and by the end of it--well, he was hooked. i think he expects us to do this for his birthday every year.
thank you so much to all of our friends who came out to the party and then stayed on to watch this parade with us. it was exactly what we hoped for with davis's first birthday, and we feel so blessed to have such an awesome group of friends to celebrate with. party!