Thursday, November 03, 2011

birthday weekend, part 2

after crashing saturday morning following the parade, we got home and let davis enjoy the rest of the afternoon with us. he is in love with all things balloon-related now (this makes a trip to harris teeter a treat, simply for the balloon to entertain him around the store.)

we also opened his presents and let him play with them. he loved his soft tool set and mega blox dump truck...

and these cars were so much fun. they made lots of cool noises and he really likes playing with them.

he also has gotten a couple of puzzles and has enjoyed playing with the pieces. not quite to the point where he can put them together yet, but we'll work towards it.

this was his big gift, though. a little power wheels from justin's dad and stepmom. he was all set to help putting it together with his tool set.

of course, the box ended up being more entertaining for him in the moment.

that night, my mom and grandma came in and baby-sat davis while justin and i got a night out. those are precious to us these days :) we got up sunday morning and davis opened his presents from his grandma and gigi. this dog was one of his favorites--he laughed and smiled as we showed him how to pull it around on its string.

then we got the house ready for all of our other family members coming in for davis's family birthday party. not the easiest task, but by lunchtime and after running out to get a few things, we were ready!

davis actually went down for a nap just as most people were getting there. we visited and ate lunch while he slept--and of course, because we just wanted him to get a quick nap, he slept longer than he normally does at home. we had to open the door and hope he'd wake up on his own from the noise of the party and his cousins playing. almost an hour and a half later, he woke up and was ready to go!

we sang happy birthday to him and let him at the cake. my grandma made it for him, and though it was delicious, he just wasn't that into it. i think he might not have gotten my sweet tooth and instead be more interested in salty things like justin....

he still had a good time, though :)

one last attempt at a photo with the party hat....

and then cake for the rest of us!

then it was present time again--he got some great gifts from our family, like a monkey pillow pet, a little basketball goal and a fun tractor.

then he headed outside to ride his four-wheeler with his cousins. big fan :)

before we knew it, it was time for family to head out and for us to move on to the next big event (our church trunk or treat.) it was a full weekend, but perfect for celebrating the very full first year of our little guy. happy birthday, davis!


  1. He is so adorable.

    So glad his first birthday was such a great success!!

  2. happy belated bday sweet boy!