Monday, November 07, 2011


it was a cold miserable walk to campus on friday. we woke up to the rain coming down, and i tried to dress accordingly. just the day before, i had shared a link to a pair of pirate rain boots they were advertising at the student store on campus, thinking about checking them out sometime next week. but friday--i had no boots. i couldn't find my flip flops, so i decided to wear a pair of flats and risk it. they soaked up the rain water within a minute or two of walking, and oddly enough, one of them started having soap suds foaming out of the sides. i arrived to the office drenched from the thighs down, clutching my umbrella and shaking my head at the weather. i did that walk 3 more times (i go off campus at lunch on fridays to get my allergy shot) and each time, i got more and more on edge. the inside of the umbrella started grabbing my hair. the wind would whip the umbrella around almost out of my hands. my shoes/feet stayed damp all day long, with no hope of drying out or warming up. all i wanted was to get home, put on comfy pajama pants and a sweatshirt and curl up with my boys. after the fourth walk--that's what i did.

oh yeah--and order these bad boys that came today. no more wet feet for me!


  1. My daughter has these boots and she loves them! You both can have happy feet!

  2. love those boots. now you're toes will be easy to spot walking on campus, ha!