Thursday, November 10, 2011

it's all about sharing...

our son, especially after his birthday, has a ton of toys, games and other things just for him. what does he want to play with? tupperware, measuring cups, spoons...and pepper's dog bed.

"is that really necessary, davis?" we ask, thinking of all the fur, dirt and other assumed dog-bed dwellers. but that's what he wants.

to bury his head in the pillow, wallowing in the bed of his favorite four-legged creature.
making a comfy little nest so he can peer out the door.

one more quick rearrangement...
ahh, yes. that's it. just perfect.

"davis, we got you your own pillow for the living room, away from the dog food and tempting water bowls and other things. we got you a bean bag! look at the cool soccer ball bean bag. don't you want to play with that?"
nope...he wants the dog bed. with the dog close by (and in mid chew.) i guess it'll be their first experience in learning how to share. 

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