Friday, November 04, 2011


so for halloween, we had another little puppy dog in our house. i ordered it off of the carter's website a while back, and it was just perfect for him!

our first outing with him was our church's trunk or treat on sunday night. this event was the first time we took him out last year, and it's amazing to think about how little was back then (at three days old.)

this year--he was able to enjoy it a little more fully :)

here he is with a friend, guyson--also dressed up as a dog--who is a couple of weeks older than davis. they were both reeeeally interested in the soccer ball and cones at this sports themed car.

and here he just made himself at home with molly and lily and their friends. seriously, he did this on his own. lily was very concerned about him putting his hand in the candy bucket, but allowed him to hang out for a little while.

me and the boy :)

we had a seat on the lawn and checked out the candy (and got a few more pictures)

already good at sharing :)

it has been great to see how much he enjoys socializing and spending time with our friends at events like these. makes me want to take him out more often!

on monday, we put him in a halloween shirt (he has several)--this one said "i love my mummy"--but he loved that new truck, too.

after eating dinner, we headed out to a few special houses, starting first at justin's mom and step-dad's house.

he loved the pumpkin!

then we stopped at jennifer and corey's house, where davis met another dog (dressed up as a shark.) he was in love.

we did one more stop....

over at our neighbors' house, tony and nelly. and again, another dog. there is a theme here...

for his first real halloween (and for an incredibly rainy, gross one) he did incredibly well. we were home and in bed by a typical hour, with our candy bowl sitting out the porch so pepper didn't bark at everyone coming by. it was cleaned out by the time i left to go volunteer on campus for the student union halloween events at around 8:15.

so...happy belated halloween from us!

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  1. that's the cutest puppy i ever did see! ;)