Thursday, February 02, 2012


we are so blessed to have great friends in our lives who are at similar stages with their families. i know that a huge number of my readers click over from lindsay's blog, and i can't put into words how grateful we are for their friendship. i have actually known lindsay and jeremy since we were in college together (jeremy and i were in the same scholarship program, and he and lindsay were dating at that point, so we saw her often) but since getting to know them from our small group that met at their house a few years back, then going through our pregnancies together when she was pregnant with collen--it has been so wonderful to have them there!

our boys occasionally see each other in the nursery at church, but neither of them do real well staying in there right now, and both of us kinda prefer to have them with us as long as we can. what can i say? i only get so many hours with my son on the weekend, and sometimes it's hard to force him to stay in the nursery when i would rather just stick with him! we had been meaning to get them together recently and finally got a playdate set up for this past weekend. we packed up some of davis's big car ramps and went on over to their house to hang out for a couple of hours. the boys had a blast! they are about 10 weeks apart, so not a huge gap, but collen is definitely more vocal than davis and has a wider vocabulary. 

they had fun pushing each other around on this ride-on toy.
and then they both got a kick out of the hokey pokey elmo that is collen's newest favorite toy. collen will dance with him :)
you could tell when they started wearing down and were ready for the afternoon naps (or "rest periods"--davis never actually napped that afternoon.)

"so, what do you think? should we do this again?"
so so thankful for sweet boys who can play together and dear friends that we can spend time with! the adult conversation is just as important as watching the boys play together :)

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  1. Awww...we really enjoyed it! Collen is by himself so's nice to see him play well with others. We will definitely get together again, soon!