Friday, March 23, 2012

where i've been

i don't have any awesome excuses about why i took a month (plus) hiatus from blogging. i mean, i guess it's the middle of the semester and life on campus has gotten a little hectic.
we were on the road for about four of the last five or six weekends, and when that happens, it feels like it takes forever to get caught up on chores at home.
photo season is in full swing, which means evenings get spent editing and burning cds. plus i'm finishing up the custom letter sets from jonah's auction, and that has taken a good deal of my time for the last week or so. and i'm less than a month away from running my first 5k, so getting in those runs is becoming more and more important. 

but mainly, i guess it's the feeling of falling a week behind, then two weeks, then a month, then it's like, "oh crap, how do i even get caught up on everything we've done over the past six weeks?"

so i won't  blog about it all of it, but i'll try to get caught up with some fun stories of our adventures as a little family and the wonderful trips we've taken across the state to see the people that we love.

and next time, i'll try to be a little more consistent. thanks for sticking around :)

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