Saturday, March 31, 2012

for your viewing pleasure

it is an annual event around here, and this year, it happened SO much earlier than normal!

our daffodil pictures, which we had to do the last week of february this year. crazy, i know! the week after we did valentine's day pictures, we were out at the daffodil field on a 70 degree afternoon. with all of our traveling, i didn't get back out there until two weeks ago (middle of march) and the daffodils were almost gone. but as always, they were worth it. and because we did a mid-week evening, we didn't have too many people in the background to work around!
i couldn't pass up this turquoise and plaid outfit from kohl's. love my boy in bright, blue colors!
he was so much happier than last year's photos :) i'll have to add one at the bottom just to remind you of how much he's grown in a year! (and can we say bokeh? i'm such a fan of those blurry backgrounds and my 35 mm portrait lens)
as much as he looks like a little boy, he still has that pudgy belly...
and of course, in to everything. had to touch the daffodils as he was roaming about.
this picture has been my lock screen picture on my phone for at least a month. that pose--i couldn't get him to do it again if i tried a hundred times. but he threw his hands up in the air in excitement, and then brought them back down to his cheeks. and click--we have the cutest photo ever.
and just a reminder of how much he's changed, here's last year's daffodil photo....blowing raspberries and barely able to sit up :)

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  1. wow this year's photos are amazing! really. he's gotten so big too!