Wednesday, April 04, 2012

st. paddy's day!

i'm still getting caught up with some of our weekend activities over the past few weeks. one of my favorite holidays, st. patrick's day, fell on a saturday this year. i still wore green to work on friday, but we all got decked out in green as a family on saturday morning. davis was sporting this shirt i bought for him before we knew it would be 80 degrees...

and he wasn't real cooperative posing for pictures.
but was feeling a little silly!
so our st patrick's day shirt got a couple hours of wear and was documented in pictures. and i guess that's the most we can ask for :)
cute little leprechaun!

later that afternoon, we headed out to a birthday party for abby, the daughter of our friends johnny and heather. it was at one of the local bounce house places, and it was davis's first time trying anything like it. 
he was a little apprehensive at first...
but eventually he worked up the courage to go on in!
he rolled around a lot...
and didn't necessarily bounce, but was enjoying it nonetheless.

he also thought it was pretty cool to come up to the mesh and smile at us
next he headed on to the larger bounce house to explore...
he wandered around here for a while watching the other children
and in the end, we had to coax him out to enjoy the rest of the party festivities
they had a beautiful cake for abby and the whole place decked out in elmo decor.
though davis was more interested in the balloons. of course!
we ended the day with a trip to the park and a dinner out where davis charmed everyone around us. he is so funny and will flirt with other tables, hiding behind his books and smiling at them coyly. love it!

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