Saturday, April 07, 2012

a hodge podge of photos

i managed to get some fun photos of davis in his room the other day all dressed up for church...
this is his "bus"--he's a big fan.
he was also happy to sit in the chair and play peekaboo with me..
"where's davis?"
sweetie pie...
so glad he tolerates our photo session like this :)
and the rest are some of our recent instragram photos. we spent a nice friday night exploring lowes...
he looooooved the "tractors"
davis playing with his tub crayons--he enjoyed these even though he hasn't gotten into coloring a whole lot yet
when i get home at the end of the day, we usually spend the first hour or so outside. and when davis sees my phone, he will get up in my lap and we'll take a picture together :)
it's kinda become a habit
but i LOVE it
he has a really cool backyard now--tons of toys and fun stuff
i'm digging this look of his
he was also super helpful when daddy was building our glass table for the back deck (remember when ours broke last father's day?)
i have been working for the past couple of weeks on the custom letter sets for jonah's auction that i donate each year...two boy sets this year, which has been fun.
i get VERY messy when i paint--it's just a part of my process.

but i'm all done and am really happy with the results
speaking of buses, here's a bus shirt that my mom found for davis. he's slightly obsessed (and i guess we're contributing to that)
such an awesome look. he has some very expressive eyebrows...
and to end it--me and my silly boy. he tends to stick out his tongue, but i think it's adorable :)

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