Thursday, April 05, 2012

A (egg) hunting we will go

this past weekend, we had a full day planned on saturday. justin's dad and stepmom came down to visit from west virginia, and we were looking forward to starting the day with an Easter egg hunt at church. i dressed him in this cute set of overalls first, but then ended up deciding to go with some long pants. not before i took a picture, of course....
we met justin's family at cracker barrel for breakfast, and davis found the joys of outdoor checkers.
and then it was time to head over to the church. they had started off with dyeing eggs, and we chose not to do that since it'd be a little messy (which is ironic considering how we ended up at the end of the day--the following post will include that)
so by the time we got started on the egg hunt, it was close to his naptime.
and even though we had practiced egg hunting some with him earlier this month at home, he wasn't really into it...
the suckers caught his interest, though.
and with that treasure, he went on his way!
he's a fan of running up and down the aisles--
and he took off and ran off some of his energy!
this is the photo i instagrammed from that morning
in the end, we had three eggs in his bucket. i think davis only picked up one of those, and justin grabbed two more just to make it worthwhile. 

they ended the hunt with all of the children going up front to listen to a Easter story. 
in order to keep him quiet and sitting still, we gave him one of his suckers to try--it was his first taste of hard candy.
after that, he was pretty tired and ready to take his nap before we went on to the rest of our plans for the day.

and just because it seemed fitting for this post, another couple of instagram shots from the other night--he just has not been really happy with the bunny ears! (but they're so cute...)
and he just looks at justin and me like we're crazy when we wear them--but does call us "bunny" then :) one of his newest words.

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