Friday, May 25, 2012

strawberries on 903

every year, one of our favorite spring/summer rituals is a visit out to strawberries on 903. now davis is old enough to really appreciate the farm setting, with all the animals and farm equipment and everything. he has also been a pretty frequent visitor! but i got the opportunity to take him one sunday afternoon after justin needed to treat our backyard for weeds.

he is a big fan of the bunnies!
and we were excited to ride on the horse-drawn wagon around the farm....
he definitely looks at home here, doesn't he? i'd say the overalls and fresh air suit him well!
oh davis, you melt my heart!
some more exploring...
and toddling around. he was happy to be able to wander and check everything out!

then we stopped up by the produce stand and posed with the flowers.
he was very into touching them (gently, gently, hon)
and then crawling around underneath the counters--also lots of fun for a toddler boy!
he looks so much like my brother here--it's uncanny. we may have to find a picture to compare...
all in all, a wonderful visit on a gorgeous afternoon...

and the perfect opportunity... 
to spend some time with my boy :)

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