Saturday, April 15, 2006

spring break relaxation...

so i'm in fayetteville at the moment, uploading a few pictures and updating the blog. spring break has finally made it here, and after an abbreviated week, it's nice to sleep in, get stuff done and have a little bit of fun.

friday was a vacation day for me and justin, so after getting the oil changed, mailing off taxes and doing some shopping, we decided to take part in some traditional easter egg dying (dyeing?) anyways, we had a great time and ended up with some colorful, creative eggs. i have the standard "here's justin with the eggs" picture, and then some of my more artsy ones.

the rest will be up on flickr in a little bit.

so, now we're in fayetteville, getting ready to go to dinner with mom, grandma, alan and rachel. tomorrow will be the easter sunday service at hay street and a BIG lunch at grandma's. then we're heading back to greenville to do easter dinner at justin's mom's house, and on monday, i'll head up to virginia beach to see linda! so excited... i'll update more later. until then--happy easter!

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