Monday, April 03, 2006

spring forward...

it's sunny outside, and will be for another hour or two. this makes me happy. daylight savings time should make everyone happy. the world is just better when you can enjoy being outside until 8, 9 o'clock at night.

i am more exhausted that i can describe. it's the week of the formal dance, there continue to be dramatic moments at school that i must deal with, and situations where i occasionally go "i just don't know." oh, i will be happy when i have a supervisor. but otherwise, life is good. i painted and hot glued fishing line to about 100 silver stars today. imagining what it would look like when they are hanging from the ceiling at the dance is what got me through it.

it's time to switch out winter clothes for summer clothes. just as i look forward to my blue jeans and comfy sweaters in the fall, i look forward to my flip flops and sundresses in the spring. who am i kidding? i wear flip flops all year long. but the sundresses--that's the fun stuff.

got a haircut. it's short again--curly, cute, and so much easier to deal with. i'll get a picture up at some point. i get bored so easily with my hair. i've been this way since high school, pretty much, and previous to that, i had the same hairstyle for yeeeeeeears. i think i must be making up for lost time.

family get-together this weekend for my cousin meghan who's getting married in september--loved the house, great to see everyone, and learned again how to shag. shag is one of those things that is hard to find outside of the south, but it has this relaxed, laid-back feel to it that makes it look like coordinated laziness. when you first learn it, it's very precise and exact, but as it becomes more comfortable, you start shuffling your feet more than picking them up and feeling the music more than finding the beat. it's one of those things that i think is very distinct to eastern NC culture, but i had yet to take part in.

book club last week--this time it was discussing "shop girl" at a.j. mcmurphy's, and my dinner was on jennifer as payment for taking pictures last month. so much fun, as always. i love those women--they really do represent many different walks of life, but i find that talking to them is both educational and entertaining.

okay, that's it for now. later, y'all.

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